article3The Youth Safety Summit is an annual event organized by the Meridian Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council and their safety partners.  It is held at the Wahooz  Family Fun Zone in Meridian.   The day is packed with serious education and fun-filled activities carefully selected to drive important messages home.  

Students from area high schools gather in color coded teams and are greeted by Mayor Tammy de Weerd .  Mayor Tammy is committed to helping teens learn how to take a leadership role in issues that affect their peer group and their community.

Teens then break up into groups and are sent off to participate in miniature golf (wearing beer goggles), drive go karts (while texting on their phones) and play laser tag (simulating a bully type scenario with multiple teens ganging up on a few).  Area law enforcement officers and safety partners guide students through learning activities throuarticle3cghout the day and emphasize the target point for each.

Teens listen to personal stories related to tragedies involving teens and their choices;   panel discussions related to personal safety and powerful step by step guidance for putting together safety related initiatives in their schools. and work to develop action plans to implement upon returning to their home schools. It is a great day for all involved.

Several community partners gather to share life saving tips and information as well.  Buckle Up for Bobby has been honored to be asked to participate several times over the past three years. This year, we participated in panel discussion about personal safety and hosted a photo booth. “We moustache (must ask) you to Buckle Up!”


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