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article2Buckle Up for Bobby board member, Kayla Miller, participated in a very special event organized by the Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 organization based in Omaha, NE.  Founder, Tom Everson and his group of dedicated volunteers have created multiple initiatives focused on the importance of keeping our roads safe for everyone.  One such initiative is “Live Forward”.

Live Forward!® is dedicated to bringing good into the world in honor of loved ones who died as a result of a traffic incident. It is all about answering the question, “What good do we want to do to keep our loved-ones love and spirit alive?”   They host a multitude of events across the country supporting their mission. 

article2aAUGUST 20, 2016 marked the date to for the 10th Annual Live Forward! & Run to Remember as part of the official Half Marathon (13.1 mile) Trail Run up Pikes Peak in Colorado. The Live Forward! & Run to Remember team runs in honor of over 100 loved ones whose families have connected with the mission due to a traffic-related death. The runners carry the names on the back of their shirts. Several runners represent these families directly. Our own, Kayla Miller (Bobby’s sister) ran in honor of Bobby and Tiffany and several other Idahoans lost due to traffic related incidents. Several dozen family members gathered on Pikes Peak, a beautiful place, to share stories and make memories all weekend long.  The word of the day was R-E-S-P-E-C-T as spectators watched as participants conquered the mountain in honor of those they love and support! 

“When we reach out to bring goodness into the world in honor of a loved one who has died, we proclaim that love is stronger than death.” —Thomas J. EversonFounder of KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25


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