Buckle Up! Prepare for the Ride

Bobby and Tiffany were prepared for the final ride of their lives.  They both had accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  Have you?


Bobby Rogers will be remembered for his contagious laugh and love for people.  He was the youngest of four siblings and adored his two brothers and one sister. Bobby loved spending time with his family enjoying some of his favorite activities including going to the mountains, jet skiing, snowboarding, lifting weights and playing video games.  Friends were extremely important to Bobby and he made a special effort to treat everyone with respect and kindness.  As a junior in high school he was a straight A student with the goal of becoming an anesthesiologist one day.  He was a creative, artistic and outgoing young man and had a love for the Lord. Bobby lost his life at the age of 16 on September 9, 2012. He was a backseat passenger in a one car roll over crash and died as a result of not wearing his seat belt.

Tiffany-WaltersTiffany Walters could light up a room and make everyone feel right at home with her beautiful smile and friendly disposition. She went out of her way to be kind to others making sure that everyone felt included and important.  She was a self-motivated, dedicated student maintaining excellent grades. She enjoyed basketball and volleyball and was respected by her peers as a Captain on her team.  She was a talented guitar player and loved to sing and spend time with her friends and family. She loved the water and boating, music, movies and animals. She was especially fascinated by giraffes. Tiffany’s faith and walk with the Lord were very important to her.  Tiffany was 17 years old and a senior in high school when her life was taken as the driver in the same motor vehicle crash on September 9, 2012.  She was not wearing her seat belt.

Buckle Up for Bobby was established in 2012  in honor of Bobby and Tiffany.

Our mission is to reduce fatalities and serious injuries related to motor vehicle crashes.                  

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